Oops, I design-raged.

Poster mock-up from here.

Edit: Though I wasn’t explicitly thinking of it at the time, it occurred to me after the fact that the tagline “Women Are Not Outside for Your Entertainment" almost certainly came to my mind because of Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s awesome Stop Telling Women to Smile campaign. Credit where credit is due!

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Muffin + hug + hair stroke = :)

Muffin + hug + hair stroke = :)

Today NM was back in the office. I got a little chocolate muffin for him as a homecoming gift. I got one for Kim and one for his wife Jaki too. Kim beamed up when he saw the muffin bags on which I stuck the sticky notes with my scribbles on. I hope they enjoyed the muffins. Muffins are cheerleaders for me whenever I’m down. Simply by looking at them, I know life will be sweeter even though it is…

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A hard choice

Today I faced a hard choice.

It may not sound convincingly “hard” to you, but the point is it got me thinking on some bigger things.

I went to the bookstore today because I wanted to buy a book that talks about feedback and receiving feedback. I found what I needed. But on the way to the cashier counter, I stumbled upon (yep, the two words in the English language that make up the perfect…

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A few things I learned after surviving a week of hell

A few things I learned after surviving a week of hell

1. Chaos happens all the time. Learning to act quickly is essential.

The most important thing is not asking why the scramble was there. Teaching yourself how to deal with the scramble when it breaks out is.
The second most important thing that comes afterwards is, of course, finding out why there was such a scramble.

2. It is good to be prepared.

On second thoughts, let me strikethrough the…

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Ramblings on a mid-July Sunday

Ramblings on a mid-July Sunday

K is in town for the week. We caught up over coffee this afternoon. We talked and laughed for almost three hours. I was so happy he is back here for a while. It is only for a week, but just knowing he is in the same city, the same country with me is comforting enough. I had not been able to talk my heart out with anyone (apart from my boyfriend, of course) the way I did with him this afternoon. I…

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Musing on work

Yesterday at one point I felt so frustrated at work. I was doing brainless tasks. They were not administrative minion jobs, but not much more than that.

I was frustrated because I felt I could be spending my time doing more meaningful things. I was frustrated because I felt somewhat cheated: this wasn’t what I had signed myself up into. I was frustrated because I thought I was capable of doing…

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Baby steps

Today I got up 15 minutes earlier than usual. It didn’t seem a lot, but it brought about significant changes. I had time to run a bit more, cool down after my morning run, sit down for a proper breakfast, and leave early for work.

Small changes can do wonder. If we can be committed to making these little twists in our daily lives, it is just a matter of time that big changes will come along.


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A precious thing

This morning, Ed got up earlier than me. When I scrambled to sit up, he gave me a kiss and told me “not to move”. I smiled and lay down. But my head hurt, so I sat up on the bed. I was feeling tired and uneasy. I needed to go back to work on Saturday, and the headache was with me throughout the day. Our plan was to go to the Adventure Cove with Ed’s colleagues. But I was tired and uneasy when I…

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JFDI http://wp.me/s3nirn-jfdi

I stayed back at the office today and had a chat with Marina. She was working on a big project. This project promises to open the organization to new exciting ventures. What struck me, though, wasn’t that there is such a project going on, or that the prospects of that project are so bright. I was very surprised to learn her anxiety as this project landed on her laps. Marina is our dashing Spanish…

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